Uprok 2oz Paint Mops 2024

Uprok 2oz Paint Mops 2024

Over the course of the last year, we have been working a special paint formula to bring to our customers, and after months of testing, we have came out with the UPROK 2oz PAINT MOP. 

The Uprok 2oz Mop released in three different color ways. The mop comes in Black, White, and Silver Paint colors. 

The Uprok 2oz Mop is filled with a Permanent, alcohol based paint marking ink. that is fade resistant, as well as refillable.

For a limited time we are running a special that if you buy all three colors you receive 15% off, act fast.

Follow us on social media at @uprokshop and @uprokadapter to see demo videos of how this Paint mop works!